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Can be used by simply adding a reference to your project and using static class IsolatedStorageHelper's method to perform functionality like:

1. Saving an image in Isolated storage using System.IO.Stream
2. Saving an image in Isolated storage using a BimtapImage Object.
3. Read a BitmapImage from Isolated storage.
4. Create a Directory for the path provided.
5. Get Directories informations in Isolated storage.
6. Get Files information in Isolated Storage.

How To use:

1. Add a reference to this dll in your project.
2. Use it in your page like this "using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;"
3. All member functions can be accessed by a static class "IsolatedStorageHelper"

Note:- Currently this dll is supported for Windows Phone SDK 7.1, Dll to support SDK 7.0 can be found here

I'll keep posting for further details...

Thanks and Regards
Nishant Rana

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